How Can I Make Homemade Nutella?

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Q: I have been trying to make a healthier version of Nutella, using almond butter as a base, but I have had very little luck.

Do you have any suggestions tips on making a chocolate almond butter for a fussy little eater?

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Editor: TBD has been working to recreate Nutella at home, and given that a mom is suing Nutella for making false health claims (see story here at NPR) this is not a bad project for all of us who love the hazelnut-chocolate spread to think about!

Fortunately, we have a recipe for you. We are going to send you straight over to David Lebovitz, who just posted a scrumptious-looking recipe for Nutella:

Homemade Nutella from David Lebovitz

Also check out a previous, similar discussion linked below. Readers, any experience with this recipe or with others?


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(Image: David Lebovitz)

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