How Can I Keep Food From Sticking to These Pans?

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Q: Hey there Kitchn readers! I've been having problems using two of my cooking utensils. I have a stainless steel and copper bottomed pan, and a Dutch oven that things stick in really easily.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Am I supposed to put the oil in before it's hot, or after? Does it make a difference? Do you need to keep the heat lower because they retain so much heat? Any tips are appreciated.
Sent by Amy

Editor: Amy, here are a couple of past posts that might be helpful:

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Overall, with pans like these we are prepared for a little stick-age; it depends on what you mean by "really easily." We do indeed heat a pan, then heat the oil, and then add food — that process will help a lot. We also immediately fill a pan with water after we are done cooking in it.

Readers, any tips for Amy?

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