How Can I Get More Quinoa in My Diet?

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Q:  I need to ask about recipes using quinoa. My husband is on dialysis and needs to eat more protein.

Quinoa seems to be a good additive. What else can I put it on or in?

Sent by Dorothy

Editor: Dorothy, quinoa is such a flexible, wonderful "grain". We say "grain" because it isn't really a grain, although it has the culinary characteristics of one. It's definitely full of protein! One way to really up your quotient of quinoa is to eat it for breakfast, in a breakfast pudding. Here are some suggestions for recipes:

Looking for a Sweet Quinoa Porridge Recipe

Here are other ideas, including the recipes pictured above. We really love quinoa pilafs:

Recipe: Quinoa Salad with Grapes
Five Ways to Eat: Quinoa
How to Cook Quinoa

Readers, what are your favorite ways to eat quinoa?


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(Image: Emily Ho)

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