Can I Make Freeze-Dried Snacks at Home?

Can I Make Freeze-Dried Snacks at Home?

Emma Christensen
Sep 20, 2013

Q: Is there a way to freeze-dry foods at home? My daughter, 10 months old, absolutely loves those organic freeze-dried yogurt and fruit snacks, but at $3.50 for a 1-ounce bag (4 servings, but we stretch them out), the cost is getting to be quite prohibitive! Are there any Kitchn readers who freeze-dry at home?

I've been looking online and for books, but maybe I'm not asking the right questions. Can anyone point me in the correct direction so I can begin to make my own yogurt puffs and freeze-dried snacks for my daughter?

Sent by Kate

Editor: Readers, any advice or leads on making freeze-dried snacks at home?

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