Can I Freeze Cookies Ahead of Time for a Bake Sale?

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Q: My work is hosting a bake sale next week to help raise money for our local breast cancer awareness walk. I have a number of things I'd like to bake for this good cause, but as I have limited time the night before the sale, I'm looking for ways to get some of the baking done ahead of time.

I know that I can freeze unbaked cookie dough with no ill effects, but I'm wondering if I can freeze baked cookies just as successfully. Will the quality of the cookies be affected if I freeze them until the night before the sale? If it makes any difference, I’m making a variety of drop cookies.

Sent by Kimberly

Editor: Kimberly, yes, you can freeze some cookies ahead of time. Look for cookies high in fat, and make sure they are well-wrapped. Here are some tips for freezing cookies effectively:

Tips for Freezing Holiday (or Any Day) Cookies

Readers, any tips or suggestions for Kimberly?


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