How Can Home Cooks Calculate Nutrition Information?

How Can Home Cooks Calculate Nutrition Information?

Faith Durand
Aug 3, 2009

Q: I see recipes that include the nutritional information (e.g. calories, fat, protein, carbs, etc.) and I'm wondering how the Average Joe can calculate this information for home recipes. Is there user-friendly software lurking somewhere? Do you have to join a secret nutrition society? Anything freely available? Thanks for your tips!! — Sent by Loretta

Editor: Loretta, there are quite a few websites that will give you nutritional data for recipes. You have to enter recipes with the amount of each ingredient, and then based on that data they give you an estimated nutritional profile. Here are three major sites with nutrition calculators:

SparkPeople Recipe Calculator

Readers, what do you use to get a general idea of your caloric intake or other nutritional data?

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