How Can I Scale a Cake Recipe for a Mini-Bundt Pan?

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Q:  I recently bought a mini-bundt pan at a yard sale. It has space for six cakes. If I'm adapting a traditional bundt recipe for the mini-pan, how will I know how much batter the recipe makes, so I can scale it for the mini pan?

Sent by Amy

Editor: Amy, most bundt cake recipes scaled for traditional 10-inch bundt pans make 10 to 12 cups of batter, since a 10-inch bundt ban holds 12 cups.

If you are scaling a recipe down for the smaller pans, check to see how many cups the pan holds and scale accordingly. Our experience has been that those mini-bundt pans often hold half a regular batch of cake batter, so we will do two batches with one pan.

Any tips or advice (or good recipes!) for Amy?

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