Hot Trend: Rachael Ray for Your Backsplash

International Home and Housewares Show 2008

So, this trend at the Housewares show was one that took us by surprise at first, but now we think we kind of like it. The good people at Rachael Ray and Emeril's cookware lines were pushing their new offerings hard: much-larger-than-life, backlit photo portraits of the celebrity chefs, designed as backsplashes or entire walls for your new or remodeled kitchen. Think of it as the modern version of the icon...

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Who wouldn't want Rachael or Emeril looking over them benevolently as they cook? Maybe offer up a prayer or two? I mean, look at Emeril - he's positively glowing with a BAM! halo - wouldn't you offer up a prayer to a glowing icon of a kitchen god like that?


.... errr. No, neither would we, and these are just (although nearly as scary) promotional displays from the show. Some of the booths were two stories tall, and celebrities' faces were splashed all the way up the sides! What this has to do with cooking - we can't tell you. But happy April Fool's Day 2008 anyway. And here's one display we did find rather attractive...

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Chris got pretty excited, in fact, at the All-Clad booth!

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Dates with Jamie Oliver, self-peeling citrus, in-sink composters...

(All images: Faith Hopler for The Kitchn)

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