Hot or Not? "Whatever, Martha!"

We read in the Times yesterday that Martha Stewart has a new show coming out. Only (get this!) it's going to be a Mystery Science Theater 3000-style sendup of old material from her shows, AND it's hosted by her own daughter.

Sounds like a joke, right? Well, it's real, and Martha came up with the idea herself. It's part of a plan to win newer, younger viewers by mocking her do-it-all image. (Whittling sticks for marshmallows, anyone?) For half an hour, the two hosts - one of which is indeed Alexis Stewart - will critique play-by-plays of Martha's old shows. So of course we're curious - what do you think? Will you watch "Whatever, Martha!" and do you think it will win her new viewers? Links to more info about the show after the jump.

Here's the original NY Times piece on the show:

Show Skewers Martha Stewart, With Her Blessing

The Fine Living Network will start running episodes of "Whatever, Martha!" on September 16.

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(Image: Dana Gallagher/CBS)

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