Hot or Not? Toast-It Bags

Have you ever wanted to make a grilled cheese sandwich...without a pan? Or maybe you want to heat up a crispy sandwich without a countertop grill. Well, these Toast-It Bags may be just what you need. You can slip a sandwich in one of these bags and heat it without getting gooey cheese all over the insides of your toaster. We have to admit we thought these were a bit frivolous at first, but then we read about their original purpose and use. More on that, plus purchasing info, below.

These bags were actually created by a company that makes products for people with celiac disease. People who have celiac disease or a similar allergy to gluten can get very sick if they ingest any sort of gluten. So otherwise simple things, like using a toaster at the office, can be a hazard. These bags were designed to help people toast their gluten-free bread and sandwiches in non-dedicated toasters. Of course, they have a side benefit of making grilled cheese easier for the rest of us.

The bags are reusable and washable.

Buy them: Original Toast-It Bags, $6.25 for 1 or $30 for a pack of 5 at Celinal Foods. Also, pack of 2 for $5.69 at

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