Hot or Not: The Knork

Some people don't want to fuss with a knife at the table; they cut their meat and vegetables with the side of their fork instead. The Knork is a fork with specially curved sides that will cut straight through nearly any food. The sides aren't sharp, though; the Knork cuts well because of its curve and angle.

What do you think about this? Would you give up your knife and fork and replace with a Knork? More on the Knork and its picnic version below.

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We saw how well the Knork cuts hard foods - even baby carrots, like the rep at the Housewares Show demonstrated for us.

We are old-fashioned and think that the good manners of knife and fork are preferable to this utility-utensil, but we do think it holds promise for picnic-ware. The rep gave us several disposable Knorks, and these work nearly as well. If you're serving crunchy vegetables and thick steaks at your next outdoor barbecue, these might be a good option. You can buy directly through their website.

Box of 24 plastic Knorks, $5 at Knork's website

Knork official website

(Images: Knork, and Faith Hopler)

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