Hot or Not? Spoon Rests

Hot or Not? Spoon Rests

Faith Durand
Aug 11, 2009

In our recent article on useless kitchen gadgets, we were all a little surprised to see the fervent defense of spoon rests! Personally I've always found it easier to rest a drippy spoon on the side of a pot, or on a plate, or in a tall glass. But all of us were fascinated to see how essential spoon rests were for many of you, so we thought we would open it up to a more general discussion.

Do you love your spoon rest? What kind of spoon rest do you have? Or do you like to use other sorts of kitchen accessories to hold your messy spoons?

The admittedly rather cool recycled glass spoon rest pictured above can be found here:

Beer Bottle Spoon Rest, $30 at Minty Fresh Fusions

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(Image: Minty Fresh Fusions)

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