Hot or Not? Pepper Corer

Yes, yes, yes. We know this jalapeño pepper corer is a uni-tasker. But some uni-taskers are that way for a reason: there's no other way to get the job done. So we want to know, is this particular uni-tasker a good one or not? Or perhaps it isn't a uni-tasker at all? Frankly, we just sort of fascinated by this tool: that twisty, jagged end isn't like anything else we've seen before. Have you used one of these pepper corers?

This pepper corer is sold by Williams-Sonoma, presumably as a counterpart to their Jalapeño Pepper Roaster, a necessary tool for their Jalapeño Poppers recipe.

• Find it! Pepper Corer, $9 at Williams-Sonoma

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(Image: Williams-Sonoma)

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