Hot or Not? Individual Pie Slice Pans

We saw these individual pie slice pans at King Arthur Flour yesterday and we were both charmed and bemused. Individual pie slices - would you use these?

We could go either way on these. On the one hand, they are pretty cute, and we like firm crusty edges on our pie. These would give that crusty edge on every side. They say that these bake perfect wedge-shaped servings every time; they're each 5” wedges with a 2/3 cup capacity. Dishwasher-safe too.

On the other hand, we could do almost exactly the same thing in one of the ramekins we have on hand; we must have two dozen knocking about our cupboards! What do you think?

Individual Pie Slice Pans - Set of 2, $10.95 at King Arthur Flour

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(Images: King Arthur Flour)

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