Hot or Not: "Carbon Neutral" Bottled Water by Icelandic Glacial

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We recently got word of a bottled water company, Icelandic Glacial, who are touting themselves as a environmentally-friendly bottled water company. As society ditches or at least thinks more about ditching their bottled water and relying on the filter and tap, this is an interesting product introduction.

You probably don't have to scratch your head for too long to figure out how we feel about another water product. While the Green Credentials of Icelandic Glacial are impressive and might make the company less bad than other bottled water companies, we'd like to ask, what about no bottled water? Should less bad be the goal, or should good be the goal.

At home, why not drink from the tap and filter the water if you need to? When out and about, bring your own. Faith told us last week about Sigg bottles, one of her holiday gifts. We also like Klean Kanteen's line of bottles (Ursula is a big fan of their sippy cup).

Enough of our opinions...

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