Hot or Not? Can Colander/Strainer

Do you struggle to drain all the water out of your can of tuna? Do you barely avoid cutting your fingers on just-opened canned tomatoes? Maybe this can colander is for you. Or, on the other hand, maybe the old "strain-with-the-lid" technique is good enough. What do you think? Tell us, then read on for more information about this strainer plus one alternative version.

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The strainer at the top of the post is made by Progressive and available from Amazon here:

Stainless Steel Can Strainer/Drainer, $7.92 at

Then there is this alternate version, available at The Spoon Sisters:

Can Strainer, $8.95 at The Spoon Sisters

What do you think? Can colander - good gadget or useless unitasker? (via Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools)

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(Images:; Kitchen Contraptions; The Spoon Sisters)

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