Hot or Not? All-Clad Ultimate Chicken Roaster

Just when we thought there weren't any new ways to roast a chicken, All-Clad comes out with the suspension bridge of chicken roasters. This roasting pan has a cantilevered arm designed to hold a chicken up to 8 pounds, and it claims to result in better browning and "leaner cooking." See more photos below, and tell us, what do you think?

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The roasting arm on this All-Clad pan is detachable, so you can still roast a chicken the old-fashioned way. The arm, though, has a built-in reservoir so you can fill it with herbs, beer, wine, or other things to keep a chicken moist. (Call the classy substitute for a beer can.)

What do you think?

• Find it: All-Clad Ultimate Chicken Roaster, $179.95 exclusively at Williams-Sonoma

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(Images: Williams-Sonoma)