Hot Dog! Weenie Roasters with NSFW Flair

Picnicking this Labor Day weekend? Making up a batch of hot dogs or weenies? This creatively-shaped weenie roaster is one hands-off way to grill your sausages. It's just one of many from, and not all are, um, so family-friendly.

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OK, this elephant campfire weenie roaster is still pretty cute, and great for the kids. But do you see where this is going?

Yeah, take a look:

The "Roast My Weenie" Hot Dog Cooker - We'll let them do the talking: "In addition to his powerful phallic metallic kabob, his arms can also be used to roast peppers, mushrooms, etc. and his base can be custom cut to hold a name, favorite team name or even a custom design."

If that's a little too... um, something, for you, try the marshmallow roaster:

Marsha Mello - For all your marshmallow roasting needs.

A little outside The Kitchn's family-friendly zone, eh? But oh-so-right for certain audiences... perhaps? Or not. You tell us.

Find them: The Elephant Cooker, $10; The Weenie Dog Roaster, $12.50 at Roast My Weenie.

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(Images: Roast My Weenie)

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