Honeybees, Rice Alternatives, and Underwater Wine Cellars:

Honeybees, Rice Alternatives, and Underwater Wine Cellars:

Kathryn Hill
Jun 11, 2008

It's Hump Day and here we are with the food news for this week. Read on ...

Governor Schwarzenegger has declared the State of California is in a drought; food crops will be affected.

Salmon is disappearing. So, don't eat it.

Food stamp recipients are getting hit hard by rising food prices.

Americans are being urged to grow their own food as food prices rise. But what if you don't have the space?

Underwater wine cellar? Some French viniters are storing wine in the ocean; they say the constant cool temperature, lack of UV light, and gentle rocking motions of the water help the wine age well.

Grow sunflowers to help the bees! If you sign up by June 15th, you'll receive sunflower seeds for your garden.

Quinoa, bulgur, fufu, and polenta: alternatives to rice during the global rice shortage.

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