Homemade Power Bars, 10-Minute Recipes & Marcella Hazan's Tomato Sauce

Friday Flashback

Have you been lacking inspiration lately in the meal planning department? We can help. From this time last year, we have a round-up of meals you can make in ten minutes or less, delicious dinner recipes with eggs, and some preserved lemons to add some flavor. Take a look!

10 Meals to Make in 10 Minutes
Kitchen Experiments: Preserving Lemons
Daub's Free-Spirited Kitchen
Weekend Snack: DIY Power Bars
Sausage Pizza Topped with Crispy Kale
Marcella Hazen's Famous Tomato Sauce

Got Home Late and Starving: What Do You Do?
Mac and Cheese and More: 10 Cheesy Dinners
One Easy Tip to Keep Your Lemons Fresh for a Month
Restaurant Recipe: Wild Ramp Lemon Risotto from DOC
Eggs for Dinner: 10 Delicious Dinner Recipes with Eggs
Dinner Tip: "Salt The Pot, Not the Pasta"

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