Homemade Gifts for Mother's Day, Best Vegetarian Cooking Blogs, Container Gardening, and Lab Beakers in the Kitchen

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Happy weekend, folks! Popular posts this week on The Kitchn include a fabulous tip to get more juice out of lemons and limes, nine spots in your kitchen that good use a good scrub, the best pieces of advice if you're looking to start a container garden, and a few of our favorite make-ahead brunch recipes. Enjoy!

15. Nostalgic Recipe: Homemade "Drumsticks" Ice Cream Sundae Waffle Cones
14. Why I Secretly Suck on Mango Pits in the Kitchen (And So Should You)
13. Spring Recipe: Carrot Ribbon Fettuccine
12. Kitchen Before & After: The 'You Don't Need To Gut the Kitchen' Makeover
11. 7 Alarming Food Practices Banned in Europe But Not in the US
10. Recipe: Chicken Breast Sautéed in Sweet Red Onion & Lemon

9. A Surefire Tip for Getting (Way!) More Juice From Lemons and Limes

8. The 5 Best Pieces of Advice If You Want to Start a Small Container Garden

7. Whatever Happened to Red Pistachios?

6. 9 Spots In Your Kitchen That Could Use a Good Scrub

5. 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Lab Beakers in the Kitchen

4. 10 Homemade Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

3. Eating Vegetarian? 7 Cooking Blogs To Check Out Right Now

2. No-Bake Dessert Recipe: Lemon Cream Icebox Cake

1. 15 Best Make-Ahead Brunch Recipes

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