Is there anything quite so enticing as the delicious smell of homemade bread? Master the basics—a whole wheat loaf, white sandwich bread—or try your hand at something more specialized and savory, like cheddar and chive guinness bread, with one of The Kitchn's homemade bread recipes. Toppings and condiments welcome, but not required!

• 1 How To Make Artisan Bread From Start to Finish
• 2 Basic Whole Wheat Bread
• 3 Basic White Sandwich Bread
• 4 Buttermilk Quick Bread: With 10 Different Variations
• 5 Cheddar and Chive Guinness Bread

• 6 No-Knead Multi-Grain Peasant Bread
• 7 Beginner Sourdough Loaf
• 8 Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf with Oats and Pecans
• 9 No-Knead Bread Hack: Making a Sandwich Loaf Instead
• 10 Pull-Apart Spicy Cheesy Bread

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