Home Cooking: Sarah's Bibim Bap

We told you yesterday that September is Home Cooking month at The Kitchn. Here's a good example of home cooking to kick things off, from reader Sarah.

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She made the classic Korean comfort food of bibim bap!

Bibim bap, besides being a really fun thing to say, is a mixed dish of vegetables and rice with a fried egg on top. There are as many ways to mix up bibim bap as there are cooks, and we really enjoyed Sarah's annotated version here.

She included seasonal vegetables like zucchini (sauteed with garlic and sesame seeds) and baby spinach with garlic. She has a full explanation of everything in her bibim bap at her blog - check it out!

Vegetable Fanfare at Foodie Design

Do you have any home cooking to share with us? Take your best photos and tell us what inspired your home cooked dish.

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