Hey! You Can Wash Mushrooms

We once interviewed a mushroom farmer for a magazine article, and she said something we never forgot: "Mushrooms need a shower, not a bath."

And so, while every cook we see on TV tells us to wipe each mushroom with a damp cloth and never, ever rinse for fear those porous mushrooms will just soak up water and turn to mush, we've been happily giving ours a quick run under the faucet. It's far less time-consuming and, frankly, they taste just fine.

Well, we now have Gourmet magazine on our side...One of the little tips in the front of the July issue mentions that it's a myth that mushrooms can't be washed. In fact, Gourmet performed an experiment, soaking a bunch and testing how much water they absorbed. It was about one sixteenth of a teaspoon per mushroom — only a bit more than is absorbed by an asparagus, they say.

And that's if they soak in water. Ours merely shower.

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(Image: Flickr member pauldcocker, licensed under Creative Commons)