It's always nice to have a little bit of green around the house. At the center of the dining table, though, a live plant needs watering and limits your centerpiece to a pot with a tray to catch extra moisture. Break away from the pot with a green centerpiece made up of air plants: they need a soak from time to time, but they don't need to be potted in soil. This leaves the door wide open for getting creative.

Air Plants on the Table, 4 Ways

  1. These large, wispy air plants were spotted in a dining room exhibit at Dwell on Design.
  2. At A Home in the Making, an air plant is right at home in a sculptural piece of driftwood.
  3. Add air plants to a traditional fruit bowl centerpiece for something unexpected, as in this example from Design Furnace.
  4. Go easy on yourself and purchase a pre made centerpiece of sea urchins and air plants from peacocktaco's shop on Etsy.

Would an air plant centerpiece bring some needed greenery to your dining room?