Q: I've been making my own chicken broth for years. After cooling and straining, I fill old spaghetti jars (leaving room for expansion), put them in the freezer (lids off), then put the lids on after they're frozen solid. And yet, I've broken more jars than I can count. Help! How do I prevent this?

Sent by Jen

Editor: Are the jars cracking as they are thawing? If that's the case, then try thawing them with the lids off. I wonder if they might be causing the cracking. Also, thaw the broth slowly — ideally in the fridge overnight. Microwaving the broth or otherwise shocking the cold jars with heat might also be causing the cracking.

But if the cracking is happening after you put the lids on and while the jars are in the freezer...I'm at a loss!

Readers, what thoughts do you have?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)