Help! What Do I Do About a Tomato Thief?

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Q: I live in an apartment building with four units and one shared private patio. This summer I planted one cherry tomato plant, one strawberry plant, and some radishes. While the radishes were no good and the strawberry plant never produced much, the tomato plant was coming along nicely.

I was looking forward to a batch of five or six tomatoes that were almost ripe. But today when I went to pick them someone had beat me to the punch! Do I have to put up passive aggressive signs by the plants to make it clear that they not for everyone to just take? It could have been someone's recent loud teenage guests, but it's hard to imagine that teenagers would be excited about stealing tomatoes.

Sent by Katrina

Editor: Our condolences, Katrina! That's just too sad.

Readers, have you ever had to deal with a garden thief? What kind of tactics did you use?


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(Image: Faith Durand)

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