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Q: My husband Joe has attempted a low-fat, low-cal paella recipe from Rocco Dispirito's new book, Eat This Now. The flavors are awesome. But we keep running into one huge obstacle. We can't get the brown rice to cook!

We have increased the simmer time to nearly two hours, added more liquid, turned up the heat. Still we get rice that is chewy in some spots, crunchy in others. We don't want to swap white rice into the recipe. Suggestions? Tips? Please help us save our paella!

Sent by Amanda

Editor: Amanda, I took a look through the recipe (readers, you can see it at the link below) and honestly I just think this isn't a very well-written recipe. Long-grain brown rice is famously finicky and long-cooking, and while there seems to be enough liquid in the recipe, it really doesn't seem to cook long enough.

Shrimp and Chorizo Paella from Eat This Now

Here's my suggestion. You don't have to swap out the brown rice for white, but think about swapping out the long-grain brown rice for short-grain or medium-grain. It won't have the distinctly separate grains of a traditional paella; both sorts will be softer and clump together more. But at least you'll be able to eat your dinner without breaking a tooth. Both sorts of rice absorb moisture better, and they are a little more forgiving in a recipe like this. Try medium-grain, and see if you get the results you want.

Readers, take a look at this recipe — any suggestions or ideas?


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