Help Me Identify This Not-Quite-A-Muffin-Pan!

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Q: "I live in a group house, so over the years our kitchen has acquired a lot of random stuff as people come and go. The other day my roommates and I discovered this. It looks like a muffin tin, but the cups are narrow and deep. We attempted making cupcakes in it, but they came out narrow and unevenly baked, and were also rounded at the bottoms. Any idea what this is meant to be used for?

Sent by Lauren

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Editor: Lauren, well you lucky girl! You have a popover pan on your hands! Those extra-deep and narrow wells are designed to help the popover batter lift up and out into a gloriously puffed crown of crisp, eggy bread.

So get into the kitchen and make some eggy, airy, crispy popovers tonight!

Recipe: Easy Ethereal Popovers

Readers, any special popover tips for Lauren?


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(Images: Lauren via email)

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