Help Me Give My Sad Galley Kitchen a Facelift!

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Q: I'm hoping your readers might be able to help my fiancé and me figure out what to do with our sad galley kitchen. We're not ready to do any major renovations, but this poor space is in sore need of a facelift. Can you help?

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At some point, someone thought it would be a good idea to install a forest green countertop and an unidentifiable shade of blue-green tile. While we're willing and eager to replace the flooring, we won't be able to replace the countertop, which means we need to figure out a color scheme that works with the countertop color.

This is the one room of the house that we're totally stumped on, and we would so appreciate any ideas!

Sent by Wendy

Editor: Readers, do you have any suggestions for color schemes that will work with the forest green countertop, or other ideas for giving this space a facelift?

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(Image credits: Wendy via the Kitchn Submission Form)