Help Me Find My Favorite Ice Cream Treat from the 1970s!

Help Me Find My Favorite Ice Cream Treat from the 1970s!

Anjali Prasertong
Mar 27, 2014

Q: I'm looking for information or a photo of my favorite ice cream treat of all time. It was an orange sherbet bar coated with chocolate on a popsicle stick and it was around in the 70s. The packaging was orange with dark brown writing, and it was known as a Brownie Bar or perhaps an H Bar. I knew it as a Brownie Bar. Do you know if this product still exists?

I owned and operated a neighborhood grocery store in Vermont for 45 years and sold these bars. They were big sellers, so why this product stopped being sold is a mystery.

Any help or information about this product and its packaging would be a wonderful blessing to many out there that are still dreaming about and longing to eat one of these wonderful treats. Thank you!

Sent by Raffaele

Editor: Readers, do you know anything about these ice cream bars? Do you have any information or photos that might help Raffaele track them down?

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