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Q: I'm shopping for new kitchen canisters, and it has been a frustrating process. I'd like a set of 6 to 7 canisters that are large enough to hold a standard bag of each of my different flours and sugars. I'm leaning towards stainless steel since those seem to have the best reviews in terms of sealing in freshness, but I'm flexible on that point.

Any suggestions from other bakers who have found a better option than the standard 4-piece sets without breaking the bank? Thanks!

Sent by Elise

Editor: Elise, I really like these Click-Clack containers. I also wanted stainless steel or glass jars, but for various reasons I ended up with these instead, and they have been great.

Readers, have you found any especially nice or economical kitchen canisters lately?


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(Image: Faith Durand)

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