Help Me Break in My New KitchenAid Mixer!

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Q: I just got my first KitchenAid stand mixer, and even though it is still pushing 90 degrees where I am most days, I am dying to bust it out of the box and bake something!

Any recommendations for tasty, fun, stand-mixer-essential recipes?

Sent by Robin

Editor: Robin, congrats on your new mixer! We say skip the baking and the hot oven, and use your brand new mixer to make some whipped cream! You can fold it into the dessert pictured above (Coffee Fluff), or make a fruit fool with some ripe strawberries or raspberries. You could also just spoon it over some grilled peaches.

Readers, how would you break in a new KitchenAid mixer, in the heat of summer?

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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