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Q: My roommate recently developed a case of temporary IBS. Her doctor recommended that she cut out gluten and minimize her lactose intake for the next month or two. She is also a vegetarian, so at the moment she is practically vegan. I eat meat, but can absolutely find the joys in vegetarian cooking. But finding recipes that cut out both of those elements hasn't proved very easy.

I was wondering if anyone had an gluten/lactose/meat-free recipes they could recommend that would serve as a hearty meal that doesn't leave you feeling like you are eating a series of side dishes!

Sent by Carol

Editor: Carol, we're going to go with polenta here. It's hearty, filling, gluten-free, AND vegan — it really sticks to your ribs, too. It's also good for both breakfast and dinner. We love a little warm polenta with milk (substitute soy milk here) and some raisins and cinnamon for breakfast.

For dinner, you could make a braised, creamy squash and some greens to go over the polenta. Perfect comfort food. Here's a look at some recipes:

Autumn Dinner Party Menu: A Polenta Bar!

Also take a look at that baked risotto from last week.

Readers, what would you suggest for Carol and her roommate?


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