Help! I Need a Vegetable Peeler That Doesn't Suck

Help! I Need a Vegetable Peeler That Doesn't Suck

Anjali Prasertong
Oct 10, 2013

Q: My last peeler broke, and since then, I've bought three others...and they're all awful! The serrated one barely takes anything off the vegetable (though it's fantastic at taking skin off my fingers), and the non-serrated ones are ineffectual. Last night's butternut squash was the last straw — I need help finding a strong and effective peeler!

Sent by Christine

Editor: Christine, I use and love the OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler. I've had it for about six years and it is still sharp, sturdy and very comfortable to use. Here's a link, as well as a few more recommendations from our archives:

Readers, what vegetable peelers do you recommend?

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