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Q: I recently started an internship with a local food blog/forum that has me interacting with a group of people totally outside my social circle. Professional food writers, chefs, etc.

I'm going to my first dinner party tonight and I am at a loss for what to bring as a gift for the host. A nice bottle of wine is out of my price range. Would some local cheese or a jar of homemade jam be appropriate or am I better off bringing nothing at all? Please help!

Sent by Renai

Editor: Renai, well, as a professional food writer, let me just say that you shouldn't overthink this too much! Just because someone is a professional chef or food writer doesn't mean that they need something super-special. In fact, they probably found this career because they love all sorts of food.

Personally, I don't mind at all when guests show up empty-handed. But I also love it when guests come with a little something — a few cookies, a bar of good chocolate. It's just something fun and interesting to squirrel away in the pantry or to share after dinner. Heck, even a piece or two of good seasonal fruit would be lovely. I also love the herb bundle pictured above.

Readers, any thought for Renai?


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