Help! Everything Sticks to My Baking Sheets.

Help! Everything Sticks to My Baking Sheets.

Hali Bey Ramdene
May 12, 2016
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Q: I use my aluminum half-sheet pans for so many things: cookies, cakes, roasted vegetables, etc. After each use, I clean it thoroughly, but many things stick to the pans.

I'm wondering if I shouldn't give the pans such a thorough cleaning, to develop a kind of seasoning on the pan? There are nonstick sheet pans, of course, but I know those coatings don't last.

Sent by Hannah

Editor: I'm curious about what exactly is sticking to the pan. Cookies really shouldn't; cakes, when baked in a properly greased pan, shouldn't; and roasted vegetables, when generously tossed with fat, shouldn't stick either. I will say that my favorite baking sheets do have a bit of a patina to them, but I'm also rather liberal with my use of fat when roasting things that have a high risk of sticking, like veggies or meat. My suggestion is to try roasting vegetables or meat with a bit more fat and see how that works. Pay attention to cooking times and techniques, too. Sometimes when recipes call for flipping things halfway through, it's a part of the strategy to cook evenly and prevent them from sticking and burning.

Kitchn readers, have you encountered a problem like this? And suggestions for Hannah?

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