Help! Did I Ruin My Copper Pots?

Help! Did I Ruin My Copper Pots?

Faith Durand
Oct 22, 2009

Q: I decided to take my copper pots once used for decor and take off the laqueur so i can cook with them. Now they have horrible black stains and a terrible copper finish and I am so sorry I ruined these shiny beautful things. I have used a Twinkle copper cleaner — a waste of time and money.

But now what can I do to get back at least some sheen and get rid of the black oxidization?

Sent by Natalie

Editor: Natalie, we're so sorry to hear that! We don't have a lot of direct experience with copper pots, so we'll throw this out to the readers. Readers, what advice would you give Natalie? Have you had similar experience with copper pans or pots?

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(Image: Mauviel Copper 1.8-Quart Zabaglione Pan at Amazon)

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