Hazelnut Yogurt: Visiting Dairy Heaven in Emmental

Our regular Cheesemonger is off today, so I thought I'd give you a peek at a cheese shop in Emmental, Switzerland, that made me weak in the knees. It wasn't the cheese, though, that made me buckle; it was the yogurt. Take a look at these flavors.

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On our way back from the mountains we stopped at this dairy and cheese shop to pick up cheese for fondue. This dairy collective is a certified producer of Emmental cheese, but they also had cheeses from all over the region, and lots of homemade yogurt and ice cream too. I couldn't help but gape at all the pots of fresh yogurt lined up in the cooler. The flavors — they went so far beyond the strawberry and vanilla of my own supermarket back home!

I bought a small pot of hazelnut yogurt — it was definitely hard to pick among the cherry, chestnut, and chocolate flavors, but this won. I also spotted caramel and banana yogurts; I really wanted to try every one of them.

I had it on the day I left Switzerland, for breakfast, and it was a beautiful yogurt — not sweet at all, thin and creamy, and full of fresh hazelnuts ground fine. It was delicious, and I may try to recreate it here with hazelnuts and good yogurt.

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(Images: Faith Durand)