Have You Tried Swedish Egg Coffee?

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For Labor Day weekend this year, I went home to Minnesota to go to the state fair. Amidst the epic amount of fried food I consumed and several visits to the animal barns I stopped by the small Swedish stand "Salem Lutheran Church" to try some of their famous egg coffee.

Swedish egg coffee is made by mixing coffee grounds with a raw egg that is then added to boiling water and then strained. Some diehards even add the shell to the grounds. The result is a rich, drinkable coffee that has little to no bitterness or acidity. Because you're not using a paper filter to make this coffee, the essential oils of the beans are left in the drink.

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Have you tried Swedish egg coffee? What do you think – did you notice the taste difference?

Get the Recipe → Swedish Egg Coffee at Saveur

(Images: James Herron)