Have You Tried Any of the Quick Weeknight Meals Recipes?

Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009

Our September recipe contest, Quick Weeknight Meals, is just drawing to a close. The last few entries are still open for voting (see open entries here) and tomorrow we'll announce the winners! But we're curious: have you tried any of the contest recipes yet? Do you have any bookmarked?

We were instantly inspired by all the polenta dishes that showed up in this contest, and we also liked the abundance of egg dishes. Eggs, after all, are a great inexpensive source of protein, and it's not too costly to get really good pasture-raised eggs. So we loved this polenta with eggs and mushrooms; it seemed like a very "hobbit-y" sort of dish, and we have it bookmarked to try. We also liked these fast, cheap, yet delicious lentils with pasta.

What about you? What do you have bookmarked now, and is there anything you've already tried?

Looking for fast, easy, and nourishing weeknight dinners?
Recipes from our Quick Weeknight Meals contest
Dozens of quick meals, from pasta to polenta to vegetables!

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Quick Weeknight Meals

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