Have You Taken the Turkey Out of the Freezer Yet?

Have You Taken the Turkey Out of the Freezer Yet?

Hali Bey Ramdene
Nov 21, 2016
(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Hi, Kitchn friends!

Thanksgiving is inching closer and closer. Are you ready? Actually, let me rephrase that. Is your turkey ready? According to Kelli's turkey game plan, Monday is an important day. Monday is when you take the turkey out of the freezer so it can begin to thaw. And if you haven't picked up a turkey yet — head to the grocery store and grab one.

While you're at it, now is also a good time to pick the recipe you want to use. Here's what going on in the kitchen for us here at Kitchn this Thanksgiving for inspiration.

  • Kelli's going to do a roasted garlic and citrus number. Imagine how amazing her kitchen is going to smell.
  • Sheela's in charge of the pie, but she's going to be enjoying a pretty classic turkey at the dinner she's attending (probably as the perfect guest!).
  • Christine is going for spatchcocked and grilled. She got a special request for extra dark meat, so it looks like a few extra legs are being added to the mix. Can you tell she's over in California?
  • Geraldine already made her turkey — it was her first, too! It was certainly a success, but you really should read about the endeavor.
  • Lisa will be grilling the turkey like her family does every year. It's a smoky, crispy, absolutely delicious affair worth repeating.
  • I'll probably make lasagna, but I'm pretty smitten with the upside-down method we shared this year, which also comes with a option for a coke glaze. And if that isn't unique enough, we also have a turkey recipe that includes a bacon blanket.
  • Meghan is traveling for the holiday, but is still cooking the turkey. This turkey is 20 pounds; she's going to flip the bird and roast it upside down. Rumor has it there's a second bird in the mix. It might be getting that aforementioned bacon blanket.
  • Lauren isn't one for turkey, but there's a lovely salmon on the menu at this year's feast. She's bringing some roasted Brussels sprouts.
  • Faith, for the first time in a long time, isn't making the turkey this year. She'll be on vacation!

What's your turkey plan for this year?

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