Have You Made a 2014 Garden Plan Yet?


I love this photo from Linsay's kitchen tour in December; it reminded me that it's time to start dreaming about the spring garden. The quiet, snow-drifted winter months are the best time to be planning and plotting your 2014 garden. Have you started yet? Here's what I'm planning...

I moved to a new-old house last year and while the renovation swallowed up all our dinero for the time being, I'm looking ahead and planning for a long-term garden. I am working with my friend Jennifer, a garden designer and garden book author, and she's helping me design a total yard renovation. Our yard is in poor shape, with piles of mud thrown up during home construction (yes, still there a year later), and a front porch that's half-rotten. Fixing those problems and building the long-term vision, complete with patio and new garden boxes, will take several years, I imagine, as we do it bit by bit, budget and time allowing.

But that doesn't mean that I can't have a garden this year. I was so tuckered out from home renovation last year I didn't buy a single pot of herbs, but I missed them badly (and spent way too much money on herbs at the grocery store). This year I am going to plant some herbs in containers, and perhaps a mini bed with one or two tomato plants on the sunny side of the house.

So those are my plans — simultaneously grand and modest, long-term and short-term. What about you? Are you settling in with seed catalogs? Which are your favorites? (I'm loving Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and, on the non-edibles side, Old House Gardens.) I love Margaret Roach's garden blog A Way to Garden, and she shares her "garden chores" each month of the year; take a look to see January's:

my garden chores for january 2014 at A Way to Garden

And tell us about the space you're planning for; do you have a back yard and space and sun for rows of plants? Or are you working with a fire escape and a city-facing window? Here are some of our best tips for planning and starting a garden. Tell us your plans — let's start garden dreaming together.

(Image credits: Gina Biancaniello; Leela Cyd; Faith Durand)

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