Have You Had Your Antioxidants Today?

You've heard (and taken to heart) the buzz about dark chocolate having antioxidants. Let us not forget, however, that there are many every-day, good ol' fashioned fruits and vegetables that have antioxidants, like spinach, carrots, pomegranates, blueberries and tomatoes. But according to CHOW Magazine, there are other foods that are even higher.

Longan: A small asian fruit related to the lychee.

Brazil Nuts: Rich in vitamin E, protein, fiber, thiamin, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Wow.

Guava: Good source of lycopene and three times the vitamin C of oranges.

Kale: Go Kale! Higher in antioxidants than spinach, it contains sulforaphane, a substance that is said to neutralize cancer-causing chemicals.

Sunflower seeds: Lots of vitamin E and selenium.

As you search out antioxidant-rich foods to add to your diet, remember to eat locally - this is perhaps the healthiest thing for both your body, and the planet. Those of us in the Northeast should go easy on the Guava - but go nuts with the kale.

To your health!

[via CHOW Magazine]