Cast Iron Pie Pans: Have You Ever Used One?

We've heard of aluminum, Pyrex, ceramic and perforated pie pans but never cast iron until we ran across this example on Amazon. It has a solid five-star review from six customers who say that the cast iron creates an even, nicely browned crust. Additional internet research reveals even more happy consumers.

Have you ever used a cast iron pie pan?

Customers also commented that the cast iron helps keep the pie warm for much longer than other pans. It's been used for fruit pies as well as pot pies, quiches and cornbread. All in all, this seems to be a well-liked, if somewhat obscure, product. We'd love to hear your comments and reviews of the cast iron pie pan.

Find it:
Cast Iron Pie Pan, $19.99 at Sante Cabin via Amazon
Cast Iron Pie Pan, $17.97 at The Sportsman's Guide. They seem to have an identical model to the Sante Cabin version but this one can be personalized. No more arguing over whose pie pan that is at the pot luck!
Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware 9" Pie Pan, $19.95 at Gooseberry Patch. Another version.

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(Image: The Sportsman's Guide)

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