Have Cake, Will Travel: Best Carriers for Baked Goods

For anyone who's ever cradled a cake in their lap on a three-hour road trip or struggled to pack a dozen cupcakes without smearing the frosting, these handy carriers are for you.Most impressive to me are the tiered containers for carrying cupcakes. The cupcakes fit into individual wells and then a stiff hood snaps over top to keep those precious treats safe.

And while I will always have a soft spot for nostalgic pie hampers like this one, I have to admit that this pie carrier from Pyrex would make me feel a lot safer when transporting my pie to a summer cookout.

These carriers are all super sturdy and ready to be tucked into the back seat for a long trip. How did our mothers get by before?

Progressive International 9x13 Cake Carrier, $25 from Amazon.com
Cupcake Courier, $40 from Williams-Sonoma
Pyrex Portable Pie Plate, $15 from Macys
Wilton Cake Caddy, $15 from Target
Progressive Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier, $30 from Sur la Table

Do you use a special carrier for your baked goods?

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(Images: Amazon and Williams-Sonoma)