Ah, the limitations of rental kitchens. There's only so much you can do without blowing your security deposit, and ripping out the backsplash tile probably isn't one of them. But covering up that tile is, provided you use these removable tile "tattoos" from 2Jane. With over 63 designs and colors to choose from, you can go graphic, whimsical, colorful, vintage-inspired, or — if you're trying to get rid of a tile design you already have — all white!

Mibo tile tattoos come on white or clear backgrounds, and are perfectly sized to fit standard 4" or 6" tiles. Want to cover up your old tiles completely? Then go for the white background tiles, which are thick enough to completely obscure the tile underneath. If you like your current tile but just want to give it some personality with a new design on top, opt for the clear background tiles, which let the original tile color show through.

To install the tattoos, just wet with water and apply, then peel off at any time. There should be no residue left behind, which makes this renter-approved.

Have you ever tried Mibo's tile tattoos?