Have a Good Recipe for Bosanski Kruh European Bread?

Have a Good Recipe for Bosanski Kruh European Bread?

Emma Christensen
Dec 31, 2009

Q: Recently I bought a loaf of the most wonderful bread. It was toothsome and dense with a beautiful shiny golden crust. The label calls it "European bread - bosanski kruh".

Only flour, water, yeast, and salt were listed in the ingredients, but it's very different from the usual "italian bread" or baguette. I've searched for a recipe, but the only ones I've been able to find are in Bosnian. Can anyone share a recipe for this lovely bread?

Sent by Erin

Editor: Erin, this sounds delicious! We aren't familiar with this bread and also ran into a language barrier when we tried searching for it, but we'd recommend checking out the book Flatbreads & Flavors by Jeffry Alfrod and Naomi Duguid ($15 on Amazon). I didn't see this exact recipe listed, but they have very good sections on Eastern European, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern breads, so maybe you can find something that sounds similar.

Does anyone else have any clues - or better yet, a recipe! - about this bread?

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