Harvest Time: The Dried Persimmon Lady

Dana's post earlier this week and her recipe for delicious baked persimmon slices with cinnamon reminded us of the traditional and famous snack of dried persimmons. This woman is drying persimmons by hand - a labor-intensive and traditional method of preserving persimmons.

Click through for more photos of these traditional dried persimmons.

• This persimmon farm is in Taipei, Taiwan. They plant and harvest the persimmons and dry them in the sun. Above image by Flickr user tzung tse

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• Hanging to dry. (Image by Flickr user tamaki.)

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• An up-close of the drying persimmons. Image by Flickr user bibinba and panda.

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• Dried persimmons stacked and for sale in Bangkok. Image by Flickr user unsure shot.

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• Image by Flickr user Coolmitch.

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• Another shot of commercial persimmon drying. Image by Flickr user imi5.

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• Persimmons drying in the sun. Image by Flickr user Shenghung Lin.

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• Image by Flickr user Shenghung Lin.

See more about persimmons here:

What's the Deal With Persimmons?

(All images licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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