Harvest Cooking Tip: Roast Garlic Cloves Inside Squash

Here's a quick, flavor-boosting tip we've been using with our acorn squash lately.

We love baked acorn squash straight from the rind, or mashed with a little cheese and milk. It's an easy, easy side dish, lunch, dinner - or even breakfast, with some cinnamon sugar. (See directions for roasting acorn squash here: Sweet and Spicy Acorn Squash.)

Lately we've been dropping one or two cloves of peeled garlic into the cavities of each acorn half. The garlic slowly roasts, partially sheltered by the squash so it doesn't burn, and mellowed by olive oil and salt.

Then when the squash is fully tender we mash the roasted garlic into it and eat together. Easy and delicious!

How are you eating squash this fall?

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(Images: Faith Durand)